Guisval Crossley (1918) - Lowenbrau

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This model is the Guisval Crossley (1918) in silver with glossy dark blue chassis and yellow front cab tilt with white "Lowenbrau" on a powder blue background on the rear deck sides. It comes with its original clear acrylic display case.

The model has no opening parts. The cab tilt is yellow, the seats are tan, the rear barrels are brown, and the radiator grille is chromed. There is no glazing.

Coded :

Body Colour: Silver body & glossy dark blue chassis
Cab Roof: Yellow plastic, smooth
Rear Barrels: Brown
Radiator: Chromed plastic grille and surround
Seats: Tan plastic
Steering Wheel: None (and no provision for one)
Wheel Hubs: Solid, black with chrome 24 spoke insert
Tyres: Black (part of wheel assembly)
Plated Parts: Chrome colour
Box Type: clear acrylic display case with brown base
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model is a smaller scale copy of the Yesteryear Y13/Y26 Crossley (about 1:60?). It has a detailed body with no cleats or raised edges to the rear body tray sides but these appear to the rear body, and the baseplate is black plastic with "Crossley 1918" at the centre top, "Made in Spain" at the centre front bottom and the Guisval logo at the centre rear bottom. There is no model reference number. The baseplate also has a very rudimentary depiction of the chassis rails, leaf springs, drive shaft and exhaust system. There is a central slot through which the model is locked to its display base and the whole model appears to be held together by the plastic baseplate which is pressure fitted over two body locating lugs.

Issued circa late 1980s with no stated scale and obviously a copy of the Yesteryear Y26 Crossley (it is a smaller model than the Yesteryear model which has a stated scale of 1:47). I estimate the scale at 1:60.

Item: 2648