Goodee Toys, USA

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Goodee toys were produced in the mid 1950s [circa 1953-56?] by the Excel Products Company in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. Excel had two sizes for their toy vehicles (approximately 3 inches and approximately 6 inches) although they are known to have produced aircraft as well. The Goodee toys are often mistaken for Tootsietoy products due to the similarity of their size, design, and the period during which they were produced. Like some of the older Tootsietoys the detail on the models is limited and they are quite crude by today's standards (and the standards of some other manufacturers of the 1950s period). The toys were usually sold loose in counter displays in "five & dime" stores in the USA, but it is known that Goodee released boxed sets of vehicles and aircraft as can be seen from the photographs below of a counter display and a set of 6 vehicles plus cardboard garage and outer box.

Goodee Toys on shelf (image)   Goodee Toys 6 Car Set with cardboard Garage (image)

The models are one piece castings without a baseplate, glazing or interiors. The axles were usually pinch-clamped to the body, although some castings are known to exist with the axles passing through the body casting, and the models had solid rubber wheels that often move on the axle, towards the centre of the body, when loose. The small Goodee toys appear to have always been painted after the wheels were added leading to overspray on the black rubber wheels that is often (incorrectly) accepted by collectors as evidence of a later re-spray. However Tootsietoys, for a while, also assembled its smaller toys before spray painting them and they too often have evidence of overspray on the wheels, yet, in both cases, these are the original paint jobs. Goodee toys had some unique castings of vehicles not modeled at the time by other companies and as such are deserving of their recognition as a part of the USA's 1950s toy diecasting history.

The following list of the smaller (3 inch) models is taken from Douglas R. Kelly's book "Diecast Price Guide Post-War: 1946 to Present", published in 1997.

1954 De Soto station wagon
1953 GMC pickup
1953 Ford Police Sedan
1953 Studebaker Champion
1953 Lincoln Capri
1953 Cadillac Convertible
1955 Oil Tanker
American La France Fire Truck
Military Jeep
Moving Van (truck body)
Step Van (van body)
Land Speed Racer
Land Speed Racer with bubble fenders