Glam Toy Products GTP-584 Automatic Garage

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This model is the Glam Toy Products GTP-584 Automatic Garage green, red, blue, black and yellow.

The model has a Four-piece, pressed metal body, 146mm in width, 118mm deep and 64mm at its highest point. It has been shaped as follows:

Base and rear wall in one piece;
two side walls, roof and two parts of front wall in one piece;
Operating Door and door arms in one piece;
circular, die-pressed door button in one piece.


There is no glazing - all the features are litho-printed onto the body. At the front are representations of a brick footing, trellis with climbing plants to the left of the door, a brick footing and tree to the right with the words "Press To Open", in red lettering on the yellow wall background, to the top, just under the button. The upper walls are all yellow. The door is painted blue with representations of windows on its upper half. Above the door are the words " ‘Auto’matic Garage " in red lettering on the yellow wall background.

The right hand side of the building is printed again with a brick footing, trees and plants and three windows (white with blue glazing). This side is also imprinted with "G.T.P. 584" in green lettering, just above the brick line, to the rear of the building. The left hand side of the building is printed with a blue door, blue down-pipe, two windows, a tree and a trellis with climbing plant. Below one window is printed the legend "Made in England" in green lettering. The rear of the building is plain green with no printing whatsoever. The roof is sloped on each side leading to a flat top. The sloped sides are printed to represent red tile with yellow outlines. The flat section of the roof is black with a central section representing eight roof windows.

The interior of the garage and garage door have no decoration at all and remain in the original "shiny tin" condition. On the left hand side can be seen the coil spring that opens the door when the door button is pressed. The spring is attached to the left hand front side of the building by means of a pressed tab over which the spring is looped, and it is attached to the door by passing through a small hole drilled in the the door edge.

The baseplate is a single piece and incorporates the rear wall. It is painted green. It is held in place via tabs extending from the sides (and roof) that have then been folded over in the traditional tinplate assembly method. There are no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details on the base.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be between 1950 and 1959.

Item: 2915