Gerald Schultz's Londontoys

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The following gallery is Gerald Schultz's Londontoy collection. [My apologies to Gerald for taking so long to create this page - things got put aside in 2020 due to Covid-19 and my wife's health.]

Gerald advises they are all Londontoy items with the exception of the green Coal Load Railway Wagon which is the Leslie-Henry version. Gerald also included photos of four of the wheel types - pressed paper, plastic, rubber, and metal. A fifth type of wheel is known - wood.

Wheel Types - metal, pressed paper, rubber, plastic


#12 Pickup - Blue - Pressed Paper Wheels

#12 Pickup - Red - Clockwork -Rubber Wheels

#12 Pickup - Yellow - Metal Wheels

#12 Pickup - All Three

#14 Master Deluxe 5 Passenger Coupe - Blue- Plastic Wheels


#14 Master Deluxe 5 Passenger Coupe - Green- Pressed Paper Wheels


#14 Master Deluxe 5 Passenger Coupe - Yellow - Metal Wheels