Gama 9870 NSU RO80

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This model is the Gama 9870 NSU RO80 in cream.

The model features opening front doors, bonnet and boot. To the front of the vehicle we have a chromed plastic moulding that represents the front bumper with number plate, fog lights, grill and head lights. Inside the bonnet sits a chromed "motor". At the foot of the windscreen are a pair of windscreen wipers that appear to be part of the body casting. At the rear of the car is another chromed plastic bumper and two red lenses to represent the rear lights. Why Gama didn't use lenses for the front lights I'll never understand! The boot opens to reveal an empty luggage compartment.

The interior is pale tan but the front seat backs (folding) area darker tan which makes the interior look a bit strange. The black plastic, left hand drive steering wheel and column has been inserted into the very rudimentary "dashboard" at floor level. The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels are of a solid shaped hub type - solid, polished, spun metal hub with a separate "rubber" tyre.

The baseplate carries the legend "MINI-GAMA M1:43 9870" along the left side edge below which are two panels that represent the foot wells and between these panels is "RO 80" on two lines. On the right side edge it carries "2-SCHEIBEN NSU-WANKEL-MOTOR" and "115 PS" between the foot wells. It also has "Made in Western Germany" in the centre alongside the cast representation of the driveshaft and exhaust system. Last it has the GAMA logo under the boot area just behind the rear axle. It appears the top is held in place with a single self tapping screw at the front and body lugs at the rear.

The date of issue is unknown. The scale is stated to be 1/43 (on the baseplate).


Item: 1299