Fun Ho! #19/#38 Landrover and Trailer

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This model is of the Fun Ho! #19 Landrover and #38 Trailer in dark green.

There are no opening parts on these models. All features are cast into the metal of the model. The #19 Landrover appears to be based on a Series I model, which would have been very common in rural New Zealand. The #38 model appears to be based on a typical trailer of the time, as used by farmers and home owners in New Zealand.

At the front of the Landrover is a cast bumper, grille, and head lights picked out in silver. The bonnet is moulded to show the outline of the bonnet and its fastening clips. Behind this is a cast representation of the wind shield. There is no casting detail on the sides, and the rear shows only the rear lights and tow hook. There is no glazing on the Landrover, but some interior detail has been cast into the top surface of the body casting (front and rear seats) and a small driver with steering wheel has been fitted.

At the front of the Fun Ho! Trailer there is a separate casting representing the draw bar and chassis of the trailer. Above this sits the main body casting representing a typical box frame trailer of the time. There is no interior or glazing on the trailer.

All wheels appear to be one piece, black plastic, typical of the Fun Ho! miniatures of the time, mounted on steel domed axles that are pinch-clamped to short pillars protruding from the underside of the main body casting on both Landrover and trailer.

There is no base plate, but the underside of the Landrover casting is marked "Fun Ho! No 19, Land Rover" on two lines, just forward of the rear axle, and "Made In, New Zealand" on two lines, just to the rear of the rear axle. The trailer casting is marked "Made In, New Zealand" on two lines at the top and "Fun Ho! No 38" on a single line to the bottom.

This castings were both used between 1967 and 1978. During their lifetime, 172,000 Landrover models and 95,700 car trailer models were manufactured with a paint finish.

The scale is unknown but thought to be around 1:65 for  the trailer and 1:80 for the Landrover. My reasoning is that the common length of a trailer in New Zealand at the time was 72 inches (1.828 metres), excluding the draw bar, and the model has a length of just over 1 inch (28mm), excluding the draw bar (1828/28 = 1:65.29). A Series I Short Wheel Base Landrover had a length of 132 inches (3.353 metres) and the model is just over 1.5 inches (42mm), excluding the tow hook, (3353/42 = 1:79.80).

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