Fun Ho! #16 Fordson Major Tractor

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This model is of the Fun Ho! #16 Fordson Major Tractor in chrome.

There are no opening parts on this model. All features are cast into the metal of the model. The model appears to be based on a Fordson Major Tractor of circa 1964.

At the front of the Fun Ho! Fordson there is a cast representation of the front radiator, grille, and engine cover. Both sides carry cast body lines and representations of the engine and rear mudguards. The driver, seat, and steering wheel are cast between the rear mudguards. The rear is cast to show a towing hook.

There is no interior. There is no glazing.

All wheels appear to be one piece, cast metal, typical of the Fun Ho! miniature tractors of the time. The rear wheels are marked on the inside with "Fun Ho! N.Z."

This gives the impression of being a two piece casting and has no base plate as such. The underside is not marked in any way. It appears to consist of a main body casting (plated) and a separate rear mudguard casting (unplated), held together in place by the axles. Having said that it could just be a single piece casting with the rear mudguards not being plated to the same degree as the main body.

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This is likely to have been an early issue due to the chrome finish, issued between 1965 and 1966. During its lifetime (1965-82) 211,800 Fordson Major Tractors were manufactured, in Chrome initially and later with a paint finish.

The scale is unknown but thought to be around 1:65. My reasoning is that the normal length for the Fordson Major Tractor was 130.5 inches (3.310 metres) and the model has a length of 2 inches (51mm) (3310/51 = 1:64.9).

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