France Jouets 304v GMC Missile Launcher

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This model is the France Jouets 304v GMC Missile Launcher in Olive.

This 4 piece casting is of a GMC 6x6, 2 parts making the truck cab and chassis and rear deck, and 2 pieces making the rocket launcher. Detail is cast into the cab and chassis including the grille and headlights, the cab doors and handles, the body lines, bonnet hinges, engine housing vents, front bumper, rear tow ring, fuel tanks and rear suspension. The rear deck has cast body lines and launcher mount, personnel seating with three holes in the deck to position the plastic personnel (missing) and is held in place by a body locating lug at the front, which passes into the rear of the cab, and by a metal rod, crimped on one end and simply bent on the other, that passes through holes in the tray's rear locating lugs. The launcher tilting mount is cast with a slot for the operator seat (missing from this model as is the plastic operator). The launcher tubes (6) are cast as a block and press fitted into the arms of the tilting mount. The 2 piece rocket launcher sits in a hole in the rear deck mounting and can freely rotate and tilt.

There is no interior or glazing.

The baseplate is a very thin, flat tinplate shape that is held at the rear of the cab by two small tabs and at the front by a single wide tab that is press fitted into a slot at the rear of the front bumper.

All wheels comprise a single piece, cast metal, heavy duty style hub with six "spoke" shapes and a separate rubber tyre. They are attached to steel axles, which appear to be a press fit to the hubs, and pass through axle locating holes on the front lugs in the chassis casting and through cast channels in the rear of the chassis casting.

This model was issued between 1959 and 1967.


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