Erie EV14 Ford Tow Truck (125mm)

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This model is the Erie (US) EV14 Ford Tow Truck in pale blue with Servel body. This version has "Servel Body" cast into the upper side of the rear floor, next to the black crane, and is a middle size issue at 125mm in length.

The model is a one-piece metal body, 125mm in length. It has been molded with representations of the grille, headlights, and bumper to the front, engine louvres and folding bonnet, doors, door handles and running boards to the side, rear bumper, rear lights, and a number plate reading "711" to the rear. In addition, a folded, black metal crane, with plain bent metal hook, had been fitted to the rear body. There is no glazing or interior.

There is no base plate however the bottom side of the casting is marked with "ERIE, USA" on two lines below the rear body, and "Parker, Erie" on a further two lines towards the rear bumper. The bent metal tabs that hold the crane in place protrude through the rar body casting.

All wheels are of the solid, wooden type, incorporating wheel and hub into one unit. They are fitted to steel axles which are held in place, at the rear, by the body and some small pinched clips and, at the front, by two cast columns pinched to hold the axle in place.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be circa 1935.

Item: 3687