Elmont Toys - Friction Drive - Elmont Sand Ballast Truck

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This model is the Elmont Toys Sand Ballast Truck in green and grey.

The lorry is a dumper style vehicle with no opening parts to the vehicle. It has a sign board above the cab that reads "Elmont Sand Ballast" and comes with a plastic die-cast tipping lever that lifts the rear dumper into the tipping position. The rear dumper is missing the tail gate. There is no interior or glazing on this model, the interior of the cab being filled by the friction drive motor which barely works.

All wheels are of a smooth hub type - unpainted, one piece plastic with black "rubber" tyres. The hubs have been fitted onto the axles by means of a spline which holds the hubs in place.

There is no base plate, the only indication of the manufacturer is the roof sign with the word "Elmont".

This model was issued some time in the 1950s or 1960s. It is known the dies came to New Zealand in the 1950s as the Lincoln Toys versions appeared in their 1953 catalogue. Like a lot of plastic toys of the period they are known to suffer from warping of the body.

Item: 4564