Editions Atlas: Dinky 25o-F-2 Studebaker Milk Truck - Nestle

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This model is the Editions Atlas Dinky 25o-F-2 Studebaker Milk Truck in light blue and white with "Nestle" logos.

There are no opening parts on this model and all detail such as grille, lights, bumpers, doors, etc is cast into the body. The vehicle is adorned with silver painted bumper, grille and headlight lenses to the front, a white rear body with silver cast milk cans on the "lower" level and individually cast silver milk cans on the upper level. The model appears to be an accurate representation of the original Dinky 25o issued between 1949 and 1950 in that the model has rounded front windows and a gap between the fenders (wheel guards) and the front bumper. The cast hubs and tyres would make this a copy of the 25o-F-2 model issued in 1950.

There is no interior or glazing on the model.

All wheels are one piece, blue painted, cast metal hubs with separate black rubber tyre on domed steel axles which pass through the base plate.

The base plate is black painted tinplate metal that carries the legend "Dinky Toys"  to the centre top, "Editions Atlas © Mattel" to the centre middle and "Made In China" to the centre bottom. It is held in place by three machined rivets

Exact issue date is unknown but thought to be circa 2015/2016.


Item: 3319, 3320