Dinky 936-G-1 Leyland 8 Wheel Test Chassis

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This model is the Dinky 936-G-1 Leyland 8 Wheel Test Chassis in Red and Silver.

The model features a cast metal chassis and red plastic open cab. The open cab sports a black right hand steering wheel with accompanying driver. The front of the cab features an "Another Leyland on Test" label incorporating "testing" number plates in red text [LO2447] and silver headlights and grille. On the metal chassis sits three separate yellow weights marked "5 TONS" in black. At the rear is another label that reads "On Test" and also incorporates the testing number plate flanked by 2 pairs of red painted dots that represent the tail lights.

The chassis sports 4 axles with 12 black rubber tyres, each tyre is on a red plastic "commercial" hub.

There is no base plate. The chassis casting sports a separate red plastic, turning driveshaft and amber differential covers. The driveshaft turns as the toy is moves along the floor and the exposed differential components can be seen to operate properly through the amber covers. Underneath the cab is printed on line one Dinky Supertoys on the second line "Leyland Chassis", on the third line " Made in England " and on the last line "Meccano Ltd". The cab is attached to the chassis through the use of a single machined rivet.

This model was issued between 1965 and 1969.

Item: 1411