Dinky 254-H-6 Range Rover Police Car

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This model is the Dinky 254-H-6 Range Rover Police Car in White. It has been coded as version 6 as it has all the questioned features (red interior, speed wheels and cast headlights) from Dr Edward Force's Book.

The front bonnet opens to reveal a silver engine, opening doors and upper and lower hatches which open to reveal interior. The model has a cast body with a roof sign and blue dome light and red and blue stripe labels.

The interior is red plastic with a left hand drive, black plastic steering wheel and movable front seat backs. The glazing is clear on all windows with cast in windscreen wipers and interior rear view mirror..

All wheels are of the "Speedwheels" type - solid one piece black plastic hollow wheels with metal hubs.

The base plate is unpainted metal that also incorporates the headlights and engine and is marked with "Dinky Toys" at centre top, followed by "Made in England", then "Range Rover" in the centre middle and the UK patent number at the centre bottom. The base plate is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model was issued between 1972 and 1980.

Item: 1323