Dinky 106-J-2 Thunderbirds 2 & 4

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This model is the Dinky 106-J-2 Thunderbirds 2 & 4 in metallic blue.

The model features a detachable Thunderbird 2 cargo hold with separate hollow, yellow plastic Thunderbird 4 inside. This model has been classed a J-2 due to the red landing legs. The cargo hold is completely metallic blue metal with a red plastic door and unpainted metal roller wheels. It is held together by three machined rivets. The Thunderbird 2 plane consists of a metallic blue metal body and tail with red and yellow plastic thrusters. The baseplate is black plastic with clasps to hold the legs up. It is held in place with four screws.

The cargo hold is marked with "Made in England" above the top metal roller, "Thunderbird 2" between the rollers followed by "Dinky Toys" on two lines.

This model was issued between 1974 and 1979.

Item: 1387