Dinky 934-G-1 Leyland Octopus Open Truck

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This model is the Dinky 934-G-1 Leyland Octopus Open Truck in Yellow and Green. It is interesting to note that "Dinky Toys" by Dr Edward Force (Schiffer Publications, ISBN: 978-0-7643-3319-4) incorrectly records this vehicle as TAN and Green (still not corrected as of the 7th revision) yet other major references correctly list it as yellow. I note this in case other collectors are not aware of the discrepancy, particularly those in the USA who rely heavily on the Schiffer publications to identify their models.  

The model features a cast metal chassis and cab with separate cast rear body. The cab is painted in yellow with green trim, and bumper, and has the headlights and grille highlighted in silver. The remaining chassis is painted yellow. The rear body is cast to represent the standard timber and steel rear deck of the period, held to the chassis by means of the usual single machine screw and nut (holding the spare tyre) to the rear and two body locating lugs that fit into the rear of the cab.

The chassis sports 4 steel axles with 8 black rubber tyres. Each tyre is on a red cast "Supertoy" hub.

There is no base plate as such, except for under the cab where a plain black tin plate holds the front axle in place and is, in turn, held in place by a folded tab at the front and the second axle. The underside of the cast metal chassis  has "Dinky, Supertoys" on two lines by the fuel tank, followed by "Leyland, Octopus", on a further two lines, and finally "Made in England, Meccano Ltd" on the last two lines immediately forward of the third axle.

This model was issued between 1956 and 1964.

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