Dinky 901-G Foden Diesel 8 Wheel Truck

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This model is the Dinky 901-G-2 Foden Diesel 8 Wheel Truck in red and brownish-grey.

The model features a cast metal cab and chassis, painted red, with a separate brownish-grey cast metal rear body. The bumper, grille, and headlights are picked out in silver paint, the front wheel guards and chassis are painted red, and there is no glazing in the windows. This model has the type 2 grille casting with narrow, raised "V" shaped central section. This grille was used from 1953 onwards. The model also uses the new casting where the cab and chassis are one unit.

All wheels consist of black rubber tyres on red Supertoy hubs, fitted to domed steel axles. The first axle is held in place via tin clips, all other axles pass through the cab and chassis casting. There is a spare wheel on the chassis.

The base plate is actually the one piece cab and chassis casting and it is red painted metal with Dinky Supertoys to the front (behind the second axle), "FODEN" on a raised block between the fuel tank and locker, and "Made in England, Meccano Ltd" on two lines, just in front of the third axle. The chassis is fixed in place through the use of a tin base, under the cab, that is connected to the cab by a body locating lug. The rear body is fitted to the chassis by means of a small machine screw and nut, that also serves to hold the spare wheel, and to the cab by two small body locating lugs.

This model was issued between 1955 and 1957.

Item: 3981