Dinky 901-G-2 Foden 8 Wheel Truck

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This model is the Dinky 901-G-2 Foden 8 Wheel Truck in Red and Grey-Brown livery.

The model features a red cast metal cab (type 2) and chassis. The rear body is a grey-brown. The front bumper, part of the grille, the badge, and the headlight lenses are painted silver. All detail, such as the cab doors, fuel tanks and rear body sides, is cast into the model and it has no opening or operating parts.

The model has no interior and no glazing.

All wheels have red, cast "Supertoy" hubs with black rubber tyres on steel axles. The axles are held in place by passing through special cast mounts on the revised casting.

The base plate is actually the chassis casting and it is red painted metal with Dinky Supertoys cast parallel to the axles, just below the tin cab base (which is blank) followed, progressively along the chassis casting, by "FODEN", then "Made in England" and lastly "Meccano Ltd".

This model was issued between 1955 and 1957.

Item: 3375