Dinky 690-H-2 Alvis Scorpion Tank

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This model is the Dinky 690-H-2 Alvis Scorpion Tank in Olive.

The model features no opening parts and all features are cast into the body casting. At the front and rear there is a "number plate" [00 SP 95] in white on black background. The body casting has representations of the armoured hatches, providing access to the motor and interior, engine louvres, machine guns, main turret gun, and so on. The turret gun has an operating lever that fires the plastic shells. Missing from this item are the radio aerials and camouflage netting.

All wheels are of the plastic type - solid one piece cast plastic rollers, with a separate black plastic track.

The baseplate is black plastic and is marked for use with both the 690 Scorpion and the 691 Striker Anti-Tank Vehicle. As the Scorpion is lsited as only having a red/brown base, I have coded this model as an H-2 as the base is the later Black base listed for use on the 691 Striker. It is marked Dinky, Toys on two lines at the top centre, "Alvis Scorpion & Striker" at the bottom centre, with "Made in      England" spanning the word "Toys in the middle centre. It is held in place by two small self tapping screws, front and rear.

This item was issued between 1974 and 1980.

Item: 3121