Dinky 642 Code 3 Pressure Refueller - Gazala

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I've had this item for some time now and decided it was time to write a short article on it to go alongside the previous articles I wrote on the Code 3 Dinky Antar Wrecker and Code 3 Dinky Pickfords Tanker Wrecker.

Again I cannot remember when I got it but I'm always interested in this type of modified toy. I am not the builder of this Code 3 model - the donor model has been a 642 RAF Pressure Refueller unit from Dinky that has been repainted and enhanced.

1. The body has been repainted - this is pretty obvious as it now sports a dark blue colour scheme rather than the original RAF Blue. The paint job is OK and has probably been done by hand but the item still displays very well.

2. There are no modifications to the casting.

3. Enhancements have then been added to the body work - it appears that the original owner has tried to represent a WW2 vehicle as a number of military-like symbols appear on the front cab and rear of the vehicle. The most notable of these is the word ":GAZALA" along the top of the windows. This may be meant to refer to the Battle of Gazala fought by the Eighth Army (Allied Forces) against Rommell's Panzer Army Afrika, during the Western Desert Campaign during May and June of 1942.

Item: 1141