Dinky 641-G-2 Humber 1 Ton Army Truck

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This model is the Dinky 641-G-2 Humber One Ton Army Truck in Dull Olive. This particular model came with an old part box with good sides and only two inner end flaps.

The model features no opening parts as is common for the period and all features are cast into the body casting. At the front the grille and lights are cast into the body with the lights being picked out in silver. To the right is a military insignia/flag. The cab area is quite detailed and shows the doors, spare tyre cover and other detail, including the twin roof hatches. The rear tray, covered by a body coloured tinplate tonneau/cover, is also detailed on the outside and has two long benches cast inside, drilled to take 4 army personnel (sold separately as accessories). There is no interior but the model does have a khaki painted driver figure. The model has no glazing. The rear of the model is devoid of lights but carries an identical military insignia/flag to the front, on its tailgate.

All wheels are of the cast metal type - solid one piece cast metal hubs, with a separate black rubber tyre.

The cab base plate is black metal and is marked "Army, 1 Ton, Cargo, Truck" on four lines below the cab doors and, at right angles next to the rivet, "641". The underside of the truck rear is cast with Dinky Toys at the top, "Made in England" in the centre and "Meccano Ltd" at the bottom.

Item: 1938