Dinky 429-G Flat Trailer

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This model is the Dinky 429-G-1 Flat Trailer in Red. This is the version sometimes referred to as a top rivet issue, due to the exposed rivet on the top of the deck.

The model is a simple flat trailer with a wire metal hitch and tin tow hook.

The bottom of the model is marked with "Meccano" at the centre top, "Dinky Toys" at the centre middle and "Made in England" at the centre bottom. This version also carries the model reference number "25G" (despite it being the later 429 issue) cast above a raised circle cast into the bottom of the trailer, possibly to allow better metal flows during production.

All wheels are red cast metal hub with a separate black "rubber" tyre on domed, rounded, steel axles.

This item was issued between 1954 and 1963.

Item: 3633