Dinky 428-G-2 Large Open Trailer

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This model is the Dinky 428-G-2 Large Open Trailer in Red with Chrome hubs.

The model features a red cast trailer body and chassis with a separate white front axle casting.

All features are cast into the body casting — rear wheel arches, "wooden" trailer sides, and trailer base. The separate front axle casting has a representation of the front suspension and has the wire tow bar attached.

All wheels consist of chrome cast or spun metal hubs with black rubber tyres. There is no spare wheel on the underside but a tinplate tow hook is attached to the rear of the trailer body (broken on this model).

The base plate is actually the underside of the castings. The body is painted red metal with no markings and the "painting" circle (The cast circle on the bottom originally used to mount the casting for rotation spray painting) is painted meaning this item was painted using the new non-rotation method of spray painting the castings. The underside of the front axle mounting has no reference to Dinky, meaning it is a late issue model, but still has the "Made in England By" in tiny letters on line one, followed by "Meccano Ltd" in larger lettering on line two at the front. There is no model number on this base. The casting also has the wire metal towing drawbar fitted to it with the ends of the wire passing through small cast holes and crimped to the inside ends. It is fixed to the body casting through the use of a machined rivet.

This model was issued between 1968 and 1971.

Item: 3693