Dinky 407-G-2 Ford Transit Van - Hertz

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Item 1243

This model is the Dinky 407-G-2 Ford Transit Van in yellow Hertz livery. Due to the differences in interior colour and the hubs used on the wheels, I have coded Item01243 as a 407-G-2a and Item01294 as a 407-G-2b.

The model features a sliding driver's door, two opening rear doors and an opening side door into the van's rear compartment. All other features are cast into the body casting with the exception of the front lights which are represented by two clear 5mm "crystal" lenses. The front bumper and grill is picked out in silver paint, the rear lights are painted red and the rear bumper is painted silver. On Item01243, both front and rear number plates are represented by cast features with paper labels on them [MTB 21L] while Item01294 has none. Both sides and the rear doors carry "Hertz Truck Rental" advertising in black lettering over white and yellow background.

Item 1294

The interior of Item01243 is red plastic and consists of two front seats, van rear interior and a dashboard (instrument panel) into which is inserted a black plastic steering wheel on the right. The interior of Item01294 is white and it is missing the steering wheel. The only glazing on these models is the front windscreen which carries representations of the windscreen wipers and interior rear view mirror.

All wheels on Item1243 are of a shaped cast metal type - solid one piece cast metal hubs, unpainted, with a commercial 5 stud centre, unpainted, with a separate black "rubber" tyre. On Item01294 they are shaped cast metal also but in a 6 spoke "spider's web" pattern, unpainted and with a separate "rubber" tyre.

The baseplate is black painted metal with Dinky Toys on the first line, Ford Transit Van on the second line, "Meccano Ltd" on the third line and "made in England" on the fourth line, all in the centre, either side of a representation of the drive shaft. Just below this is "UK Patent Number, 320554" on two lines. It is fixed through the use of a single rear body locating tab and a single small self tapping screw at the front.

This casting was issued between 1966 and 1974.


Item: 1243, 1294