Dinky 404-G-1a Climax Conveyancer Forklift

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This model is the Dinky 404-G-1a Climax Conveyancer Forklift in orangy-red and yellow. This model has the word Conveyancer in white on the left hand side lower body and in black on both sides of the Lift rails. It also has the lettering "CG4" in black on a yellow background, behind the driver on the body.

It has a working lift mechanism controlled by the right hand side winder which raises and lowers the forks via a string. The model comes with a multi-coloured plastic pallet instead of the red plastic pallet so I have added "a" to the model's coding.

The driver, in blue overalls, sits on a black plastic seat and holds a black plastic steering wheel. The rollbar safety frame is yellow plastic.

All wheels have yellow plastic hubs with a black "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is orangy-red painted metal and is marked with Dinky Toys in the top centre, "Conveyancer" on the second line, "Meccano Limited" on the third line and "Made in England" at the bottom centre. It is held in place with a single self tapping screw.

This model was issued between 1967 and 1979.

Item: 1176