Dinky 342-H Austin Mini Moke

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This model is the Dinky 342-H-1 Austin Mini Moke in Metallic Green with spun hubs. This model is incomplete, the bonnet, windscreen, canopy and rear tyre being missing, and comes without box. I bought it to restore but found it has an interesting casting difference.

This model is a single piece main casting with all features cast into the body casting (grille, headlights, badges, and bumpers). The front grille, and headlight lenses are picked out in silver, and the rear lights are red. This casting has two different castings for the side panels, probably due to wear in the die. I will try to record these side panel differences, with photographs,  on all my Dinky Moke models. The left side has a raised edge to the first panel (smaller than the first panel on the right side), with the next two panels having a rectangular shape inside the recessed panel shape. The right side has a raised edge to all three panels, the front panel being larger than the other two and larger than the front panel on the left side.

The interior is cast in to the body casting and is painted in the body colour. There is no glazing.

All wheels are of the spun metal type - solid one piece metal hubs with a separate black rubber tyre.

The model has no base, but the underside of the casting has lettering that reads "Dinky Toys, Meccano, Ltd" to the front centre (behind the front axle), "Austin, Mini Moke" on two lines to the middle centre, and "Made in, England" on two lines to the rear (just in front of the rear axle).

This model was issued between 1967 and 1975.

Item: 3862