Dinky 285-G Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender

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I have identified this model as the Dinky 285-G-5b Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender in red FALCK livery. This is the version of the pumper that actually pumps water. I have coded it "5b" as it has a blue roof light and the references refer to a red roof light.

The model features a cast metal body with metal roof ladder. The grille is cast into the body and picked out in mask sprayed silver paint. Either side of the front body is a yellow jeweled headlight. The front and rear bumpers carry a paper number plate [UVR 77N]. On each side of the cab is a small paper label with a white crest on a red background, with the lettering "De Danske Redningskorps" above the crest and "1-56/6712" below the crest, fitted between the front cab doors and the rear crew cab doors. The left rear side of the body has an opening hatch in unpainted metal and a corresponding hatch on the right hand side is simply picked out in silver. Both hatches carry a white on red "FALCK" label. Cast openings reveal the pump connections and hose reel. The rear is unpainted metal also and incorporates the ladder securing mechanism. The red plastic connector for the hose (missing) protrudes through the rear from the water reservoir.

On the roof top is a silver metal roof panel, above the cab, with two cast bells and the front ladder clip. A blue roof light protrudes through this panel. Also on the roof is a red painted roof panel, a chromed searchlight which rotates, a silver hose reel, a red plastic filler cap (for the reservoir) and the red plastic pumping button.

The interior is cream plastic. It comprises a black plastic steering wheel and cream dashboard, two front seats and a rear bench seat in the crew area of the cab. The cab is also fitted with clear glazing.

All wheels are of a shaped type - solid, one piece, metal hubs with a heavy commercial 5 stud centre with a separate black rubber tyre on the front and a dual commercial style hub, also with 5 stud centre and the black tyres on the rear.

The base plate is plated metal with Dinky Toys and "Meccano Ltd, Made in England" on three lines at the top centre (between the axles), "Merryweather, Marquis, Fire Tender" on three lines to the middle centre, and "UK PAT No 920534" on a single line at the centre bottom. The model reference number "285" appears to the rear over the rear axle. The base plate also forms the front bumper. It is held in place by two self tapping screws.

This model was issued between 1970 and 1979.

Item: 4085