Dinky 274-G-1 Mini Minor Van - AA

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This model is the Dinky 274-G-1 Mini Minor Van in yellow AA Patrol Service livery,

Only the two rear doors open on this model. All other detail is cast into the body casting with the exception of the roof sign. At the front the vehicle has a silver grille, bumper, headlights, and number plate (that is actually part of the base). Above the grille, to the front of the bonnet, is a small manufacturer's badge. It is not clear if this was silver or in the body colour, due to the wear on the model. The side doors, hinges and handles are cast features. The side doors each carry a black "AA" logo and the rear upper body of the van carries "Patrol [AA logo] Service" signage in black lettering on a yellow background. The roof is yellow and carries a mounted roof sign, also in yellow (missing the decals). The rear doors are plastic (reproduction items) and they are missing the AA decals. The tail lights are painted, raised castings in the body colour, there is no rear number plate, and the rear bumpers are silver (but part of the body casting).

The interior is all blue and there is a white steering wheel set into the "dashboard". All glazing is clear with molded windscreen wipers.

All wheels consist of spun one piece hubs, with black rubber tyres, fitted to steel axles.

The base plate is silver painted metal that carries the legend "Prov. Pat. Nos, 1026/59   12500/60" on two lines at the centre top, "Dinky Toys, Mini Van" on two lines in the centre middle, and "Made In England, Meccano Ltd" on two lines at the centre bottom. The base also carries a simple representation of the engine sump, gearbox, and exhaust system. It is held in place by one machined rivet at the front and a body locating lug to the rear.

This model was issued between 1965 and 1973.

Item: 3722