Dinky 255-G-2 Landrover - Mersey Tunnel Police

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This model is the Dinky 255-G-2 Landrover in gloss red Mersey Tunnel Police livery.

The model features a typical American school bus. At the front the front bumper, headlights and "Wayne" emblem are all cast into the body casting and picked out in silver. The parking lights and indicators are also picked out but on this model the colour has been rubbed off through play wear. Along each side of the bus are black painted, cast body lines. Also cast into the body on the left hand side are 4 small driver's windows, 12 passenger windows, an emergency exit door and a grill vent. On the right hand side are cast the bi-fold, passenger entry doors with 4 small windows and 12 passenger windows. On the rear of the bus body casting are three rear windows, an engine compartment access door, the rear lights and a black painted bumper. A black printed decal reading "Unlawful to pass when loading or unloading" on four lines is positioned directly below the centre rear window. All glazing in the model is clear plastic, although on this model there are cracks and holes in the glazing at the front and on the left hand side.

All wheels consist of separate, black "rubber" tyres on red plastic, commercial style. hubs. The rear axle sports twin hubs on each side.

The casting has a black, painted tin base with "Made in England" just in front of the front axle, "Dinky Supertoys" and "Meccano Ltd" just behind the rear axle. It is held in place with 4 machined rivets.

This model was issued between 1961 and 1966.

Item: 1665