Dinky 217-G-1 Alfa Romeo OSI Scarabeo

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This model is the Dinky 217-G-1 Alfa Romeo OSI Scarabeo in DayGlo Red. As you can see this item has been very badly sunburned.

All detail is cast into the body. Detail cast includes the front number plate(?), air vents, petrol cap, doors, and the rear lights and engine hatch. The front lights are clear plastic inserts, the windscreen has a molded wiper, and the rear engine hatch opens to reveal the silver engine.

The interior is a yellow plastic vac-form, representing the dash board and seats. A black plastic steering wheel is inserted into the left hand side of the dash. The glazing is clear.

The base plate is bare cast metal in the centre of which is "Dinky Toys", followed by "Meccano Ltd", "Made in England", "Alfa Romeo", "OSI Scarabeo" over 5 lines, then "Prov. Pat. No. 46371/68" on a raised block at the centre bottom, and finally the model number "217" is positioned just forward of the front axle. It also carries some very rudimentary chassis and suspension details. The base is held in place by a single self tapping screw to the front and a body locating lug to the rear.

All wheels are of the cast metal type - solid one piece metal hubs with a 20 wire spoke pattern and centre locking nut, each with a separate black "rubber" tyre and pressure fitted to steel axles.

This model was issued between 1968 and 1974.

Item: 3637


This is the same Alfa Romeo OSI Scarabeo as above. The first two photos show it stripped down and primed ready for painting. After finding photos on line of a RIGHT HAND DRIVE version of the Scarabeo in Silver, I decided to rebuild this item as a model of that vehicle. As all the photos I found showed a black interior, I painted it so... but there was no contrast between the black steering wheel and the interior and it was difficult to see the model was in a RHD configuration. To rectify this I decided to paint the steering wheel in silver and brown to make it stand out better.

At the time I took these photos I had yet to paint the rear lights and so on - this was because after getting new parts from the UK I found the lights were either the wrong items or were so poorly cast they did not fit, (even though I did my best to reform and shave them to the correct shape and size). I raised this issue and the issue of the new windscreen being badly scratched when it arrived with the supplier but got no response at all - no apology, no sign of any concern, etc. I have therefore not continued with the model and may never do so as I cannot find another source of headlights for this particular model. If I ever go back to it I will post an update on this page.