Dinky 203-G-1 Customised Range Rover

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This model is the Dinky 203-G-1 Customised Range Rover in black. It comes with its original Dinky display window box.

This item comes with opening bonnet, doors, rear hatch, and tail gate. At the front is a white plastic "bull bar" component, behind which is the cast grille and head lights, painted in the black body colour. The bonnet opens to reveal a silver engine. Each side has an opening door and a yellow, orange, and red striped decal runs the full length of the side. To the rear, a cast upper hatch and lower tail gate open to reveal the rear interior. The rear tail gate has "Range Rover" cast into it. The rest of the model has a cast body with rear lights, etc., in the body colour.

The interior is red plastic with a left hand drive, black plastic steering wheel and movable front seat backs. The glazing is clear on all windows with cast in windscreen wipers and interior rear view mirror..

All wheel hubs are of a custom, wide rim (mag) type - solid one piece chromed plastic (?) hubs with  5 spoke pattern, each with a black plastic tyre, mounted on steel axles.

The base plate is black painted metal that also incorporates the front and rear bumpers and number plates. It is marked with "Dinky Toys" at centre top, followed by "Made in England", then "Range Rover" in the centre middle and the UK provisional patent number "4637?/68" at the centre bottom. The base plate itself is held in place with two machined rivets. On top of the base is the white plastic bull bar component and a further white plastic component that incorporates the dual exhaust pipes, drive shaft, and rear differential. These two plastic components clip together and are held in place by two self tapping screws, one to the front and one to the rear.

This model was issued between 1979 and 1980 only.

Item: 4028