Dinky 170-G Ford Fordor Sedan

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This model is the Dinky 170-G-6 Ford Fordor Sedan in Pink and Blue. This is the rarer "high-line" version where the lower body colour comes up to just under the side windows.

All detail is cast into the body. Detail cast includes the front bumper, grille and lights, the doors and door handles, the rear side "flashes", and the rear lights, boot lid and hinges, and bumper. The bumpers, front lights and grille are painted silver, the rear boot, hinges and the rear lights are in the lower body colour of blue.

There is no interior as this model was issued before Dinky started including interiors. There is also no glazing.

The base plate is lacquered tin plate, in the centre of which is "Dinky Toys", followed by "Ford Sedan", then "Made in England", "Meccano Ltd", and finally the model number "170", over 5 lines. It is held in place by three machined rivets, one at the front and two to the rear.

All wheels are of the cast metal type - solid one piece metal hubs, painted in the lower body colour of blue, each with a separate black "rubber" tyre and fitted to steel domed axles.

This model was issued between 1956 and 1957.

Item: 3663