Dinky 162a-G-1 Light Dragon Tractor

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This model is the Dinky 162a-G-1 Light Dragon Tractor in Olive.

This is a two part casting and with no opening parts and all features cast into either the upper body casting or lower body casting, including 5 holes for personnel. The upper casting comprises the top outer body panels, exhaust system and interior, including the seats. The lower casting comprises the lower body panels, mud shields and track bogeys, and tow hook. There is no glazing.

There is no baseplate as such — the lower body casting is open o the under side. It is marked with "Dinky Toys" and "Made in England by Meccano Ltd" at the front, parallel to the front axle. It is not clear how it is held in place as I can see no evidence of rivets.

As this is a tracked vehicle, the driving wheels are represented by l0 toothed metal wheels on crimped axles, that link into the metal chain tracks. This model has replacement chain tracks.

This model was issued between 1939 and 1940.

Item: 2996