Dinky 151-G-2 Triumph 1800 Saloon

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This model is the Dinky 151-G-2b Triumph 1800 Saloon in Mid Blue. There are several shades of blue recorded for the 40b/151 Triumph, in some references only identified as the 151 version, but in this case I have catalogued the model as the 151 version as identified in the Richardon's book (pg 60, "The Great Book of Dinky Toys" by Mike & Sue Richardson, published 2000 by New Cavendish Books [ISBN 1 82727 83 2]) and I have personally coded them G-2a, b, or c, according to the main three shades of blue listed — dark blue, mid blue, and light blue as for the 40b although I believe, at this stage, I have yet to find a dark blue version.

This model features a single piece cast body with separate cast headlights (original headlights still present on this model). The body casting no longer has the two internal rear pillars as found on the 40b, the axles being held in place by tabs on the base plate. The entire body is painted mid blue with the grille, headlight lenses, and bumpers picked out in silver. The wheel hubs are of the cast ridged variety and are painted tan. There is no interior or glazing.

The base plate is lacquered tinplate metal with a blackish tinge. It is marked with "Dinky Toys" at the top centre, "Triumph" in the middle centre, "Meccano Ltd" at the bottom centre, and "Made in England" on three lines over the rear axle. This is the earlier base before the lettering was made bigger in 1957.

All wheels are black rubber tyres on tan cast hubs fitted to steel domed, rounded axles.

This model was issued between 1954 and 1957.

Item: 3650