Dinky 105-J-2 Maximum Security Vehicle

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This model is the Dinky 105-J-2 Maximum Security Vehicle in white. It has the Spectrum logos on both doors and on the front. I have coded it a J-2a as this version is definitely more white than light cream.

At the front are two black "headlights", two red over-riders, and the Spectrum logo. Along the centre of the body from front to rear is a silver and black paper stripe. Red stripes run along both sides of the vehicle, from the red sidelight/indicators to the rear body panels. At the rear is a red panel with cast louvres, possibly representing the exhaust vents. The only opening parts on this model are the two side doors which open to reveal the fold out ramps. It comes (originally) with a white aerial on the roof (missing from the item pictured). The model comes with a creamy/tan bullion box which is missing from this model also.

The interior is blue plastic. There is no glazing (or windows for that matter).

All wheels are black plastic - solid one piece units with a chromed 6 spoke centre.

The base plate is red painted metal and is marked with "Maximum Security Vehicle" at the centre top, followed by DINKY TOYS and "MECCANO LTD, MADE IN ENGLAND" on three lines above the centre line of the base. The base plate is held in place with a single self tapping screw at the front.

This model was issued between 1968 and 1975.


Item: 3209