Dinky 062k-G-10 The King's Airspeed Envoy

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This is the DINKY 62k-G-1 The King's Airspeed Envoy in Sillver, red, and blue with wing markings "G-AEXX".

There are only three parts to the item, the body casting, the propellers, and the wheels (missing). The body casting is painted silver, red, and blue and carries on each side, "G-A" on the left wing and "EXX" on the right. The cockpit windows are painted silver, the propellers are red painted metal (tin). On the underside of the wings is cast "DINKY TOYS"  and "The King's Aeroplane" on the left wing and "Made in England By, Meccano Ltd" on two lines on the right wing.

This model has no working parts other than the propellers which can spin on their pin and the wheels which are missing on this model.

This model was issued as #62k between 1938 and 1940.

Item: 4520