Dinky 039b-F-1 Unic Saharien Pipe Truck

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This model is the Dinky 39b-F-1 Unic Saharien Pipe Truck in tan with an open centre bar trailer.

The model features no opening parts and there is no interior on this model. The wheel arches,bonnet and headlights are all details molded from the body. The glazing is clear plastic. A separate white roof piece connects to the back of the cab and had two spare tyres attached.

All wheels are black rubber tyres with a tan hub.

The baseplate reads "DINKY SUPERTOYS TRACTEUR UNIC" on four lines above the front axel and "MADE IN FRANCE MECCANO" on two lines below the front axel. Above the rear axel it reads "39".

Item: 2250