Dinky 030m-G-2 Dodge Rear Tipping Wagon

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This model is the Dinky 30m-G-2 Dodge Rear Tipping Wagon in Dark Blue and Grey.

The model features no opening parts, all features are cast into the body casting, although the rear deck has a tipping mechanism. At the front the headlights, grille and bumper are picked out in silver. The sides show cast engine cover louvres, body lines and doors, fuel tank, and the rear deck is cast to represent the wooden sides and deck floor with operating rear tailgate. The tipping deck is attached to the body casting by means of a steel pin, crimped on both ends, and is operated by means of a side lever and wire tipping mechanism. There is no interior or glazing on this model and the cab windows remain open. The front and rear wheel arches, chassis and running boards are details molded into the body of the model.

All wheels are of the shaped cast metal type - solid one piece cast metal hubs, painted light blue, with a separate black "rubber" tyre on a steel axle with rounded ends.

The base plate of this model is tinplate held in place by a single front rivet and two body locating lugs. It carries no markings. The legend Dinky Toys is cast at top centre on the underside of the body rear chassis, "Made in England Meccano Ltd" on two lines at the centre bottom, and "Dodge" in the middle centre.

This item was issued between 1950 and 1953. The trucks were sold in trade boxes and not individually packaged at this time.

Item: 2927