Dinky 029g-G Maudsley Luxury Coach

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This model is the Dinky 29g-G-2 Maudsley Luxury Coach in Light Brown and Orange.

The model features no opening parts, all features are cast into the body casting — the wheel arches, grille and headlights are all details molded in the body casting. At the front the grille and headlights are picked out in silver. To the sides, the "flashes" are in orange. There is no interior or glazing on this model.

All wheels are solid one piece cast hubs, painted cream, with rubber tyre and fitted to steel rounded axles.

The base plate is lacquered tin with a blackish tinge. To the top centre it reads "Dinky Toys", "Luxury Coach" in the middle centre, and ""Made In England Meccano Ltd" at the centre bottom. It is fixed in place by two machined rivets at the rear and a front body locating lug.

This item was issued between 1951 and 1953.

Item: 3662