Dinky 027k-G-1 Hay Rake

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I have designated this model as the Dinky 27k-G-1 Hay Rake in red with yellow wheels. It comes with its original yellow card box, marked for both the original release as 27k and the later release as 324.

At the front is the drawbar with towing eye. The body is cast in four pieces to include the drawbar and main frame, swiveling rake bar, and two spoked wheels. The rake mechanism is mostly folded tin, from which protrude 7 rake sections making up the 14 tines, and a tin lever that raises and lowers the rake.

All wheels consist of yellow, 9 spoke, cast metal units.

There is no separate base plate on this model — all information is molded onto the model itself. It has Dinky Toys in the centre cross bar, "MECCANO LTD" on the right hand draw arm, and "MADE IN ENGLAND" on the left draw arm. The model reference number "27K" is cast on the underside of the swiveling rake bar - later releases had either both "27K" and "324" or only "324" cast on the underside.

This item was issued in 1953.

Item: 3393