Dinky 025e-G-10 Tipping Wagon

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This model is the Dinky 25e-G-10 Tipping Wagon in grey with black chassis and wheel guards.

All body features such as the engine louvres, doors, door handles and hinges are cast into the cab casting. The model has a separate grille and headlights in silver with the front bumper and wheel arches in black and cast into the base/chassis. The tipping rear is hinged to the chassis casting with a crimped end pin and the operating rear gate is press fitted to the rear deck casting and carries a white on black "20" speed limit marking. There is no glazing.

The baseplate is in black metal marked with "Dinky Toys" in the top centre and "Made in England by Meccano Ltd" in the bottom centre on two lines. The base also includes a cast representation of the engine sump, gearbox, driveshaft and differential and is a type 4 casting.

All wheels are grey cast metal hubs with black rubber tyres and crimped axles.

This model was issued between 1947 and 1950.

Item: 2995