Dinky 023e-G-5 Speed of the Wind Racing Car

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This model is the Dinky 23e-G-5 Speed of the Wind Racing Car in Silver with red hubs and tan driver.

This model is a single piece casting with all features cast into the body casting (air intakes, exhausts, and driver). The front air intakes are red and the driver is a dark tan.

The model has a plain black sheet metal base with lettering that reads "Made in England" in the top centre, ""Dinky Toys" to the top middle, "Speed of the Wind" at the bottom middle, and "Meccano Ltd" to the centre bottom, and, to the front of the front axle, is the model number "23e". The base is held in place by two machined rivets.

There is no interior or glazing on this model.

All wheels are of the shaped cast metal type - solid one piece cast metal hubs, painted red, with a separate black rubber tyre.

This model was issued between 1949 and 1953.

Item: 3123