Dinky 023a-G-3 Racing Car

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This model is the Dinky 23a-G-3 Racing Car in Blue with white diamond top trim. This is a restored item.

The model features an MG Magnette style cast body. The left hand side has the 6 exhaust stubs and exhaust pipe cast into the body, to the rear is cast the drive chains or rear suspension. The top of the model has a diamond shaped white trim running from the front to the pointed rear. Cast into the top is the windshield, driver's head and Aerodynamic fin.

There is no baseplate but the underside of the casting is marked with "Meccano, Dinky Toys" on two lines at the front (just behind the front axle), and "Made In England" on three lines at the middle (just below the windshield area). This casting has only one transverse strengthening strut just forward of the windshield area.

All wheels consist of cast black hubs with black rubber tyres. The steel axles are crimped on all four ends.

This model was originally issued between 1935 and 1938. I do not know when this item was restored.

Item: 3343