Dinky (Hong Kong) 108-H-1 Alfa Romeo

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In 1980 Airfix, then the owner of the Dinky brand name, commissioned Universal Toys of Hong Kong to produce a series of 30 models issued under the Dinky brand name. These models all carried the Dinky name on the base. They were also released in the USA under the "Kidco" brand.

This model is the Dinky (HK) 108-H-1 Alfa Romeo in magenta. It has yellow and red trim on the bonnet and roof.

There are no opening parts on this model.

There appears to be no interior, the glazing is black.

All wheels are of the speedwheel type - solid one piece plastic hubs with 5 spoke pattern and surrounding black tyre.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Alfa Romeo" at the centre top, DINKY TOYS in the centre middle and "MADE IN HONG KONG" at the centre bottom. It also incorporates a rudimentary suspension system for the axles. The base plate is held in place with three machined rivets.

This model was issued in 1980 and was packaged in a blister pack which in this case is red with yellow, black and white text on the front and black text and line art on the rear which identifies 12 models to be collected.

Item: 2851