Dinky 189-G Triumph Herald

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This model is the Dinky 189-G-1 Triumph Herald in dark green and white.

This model features a single piece cast body with all detail cast into the main body. At the front, the bumpers are dark green and the grille and  headlight lenses are picked out in silver. The bonnet features body lines, the sides have cast body trim, doors, and door handles.To the rear, the rear tail lights are picked out in red, the cast number plate is white, and the cast bumper is dark green.

There is no interior, but the model is galzed all round with clear glazing.

The base plate is black painted tinplate metal. It is marked with "Dinky Toys" at the top centre, "Triumph Herald" in the middle centre, "Meccano Ltd, Made in England"on two lines at the bottom middle centre, and "Prov Pat Nos, 1026/59 1168/59" on two lines at teh bottom centre. The model reference number "189" appears to the front over the front axle, and a rear towing slot is incorporated at the rear of the base.

The wheels consist of spun metal hubs, each with a black rubber tyre, mounted on domed steel axles.

The model was issued between 1959 and 1964.

Item: 4043