Diener Industries Classic Cars 9355 - 5 Replica Yesteryear Cars - eraser set

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Items 03193 to 03196
This set of five model cars carries the number 9355 and is referred to on the packaging as "Miniature Replicas of the Cars of Yesteryear!". It contains 5 different vintage cars that appear to have been based on the Lesney Yesteryear range - 1909 Thomas Flyabout, 1930 Packard Victoria, 1931 Stutz Bearcat, 1938 Hispano Suiza and 1913 Cadillac. The models are made of a soft rubber and are described as "Pencil Erasers, Party Favors and Cake Decorations" on the pack. The cars are known to come in six different colours - blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, and white.

The models have no opening parts or glazing. They are packed in a set of five on a single, card-backed bubble pack.

It is not known when these items were issued.

Item: 3193 to 3196