Dibro (UK) REF-D705F 2 Door Sedan Car - Fire Chief

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This model is the Dibro REF-D705F 2 Door Sedan Car in Red Fire Chief livery. The item is tinplate and with friction drive.

The model has a one-piece, pressed metal body, 130mm in length. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines. There is no glazing - all the features are lithographed onto the body. At the front are representations of the windows, head lights, emergency lights and grille, and printed number plate – dark grey lettering on a black background [REF D705F]. The bonnet carries a lithographed bonnet emblem, air louvres and windscreen wipers. The aerial is missing from the right hand side of the bonnet, next to the windows. To the sides there are outlines of the doors with door handles, outlines of the wheel arch covers, and the body trim. On the front wings are the words "Divisional Commander" in white and an emblem relating to "C Div". The front doors have been lithographed with a hand holding a flaming torch on a yellow background below which appears the words "Fire Handling" in black. In each of the windows, front, rear and side, there are profiles of the driver and three passengers. To the rear of the sides, behind the rear side window, is a lithographed hose reel. The roof is also red with a yellow and dark grey, outlined panel with red "Fire Chief" lettering and there is evidence that at some time a red plastic roof board was present, probably with the word Fire or Fire Chief on it, similar to the Dibro Police car which carries REF 705 as its number plate. It also carries lithographed searchlights and sirens. The rear carries a lithographed, yellow oval with red "Divisional, Commander, Area 1 Group B." lettering on three lines. Above this is a lithographed Fire Foam cylinder and belowthe yellow oval sign is "Do Not Overtake" in white lettering.Below the boot is a black numberplate with dark grey lettering reading "REF D705F". The boot is planked by lithographed tail lights in red and orange.

Only two of the original four wheels are present. The front wheels are black rubber. The rear black plastic/rubber wheels are missing but the axle remains and runs through a friction drive motor. Due to the absence of wheels I cannot tell if the friction drive works.

The base plate is a single piece, shaped, pressed tin unit. It has been press fitted to the body and the edges rolled to hold it over the edges of the body. It appears to be un-plated or painted. The manufacturer's mark appear on the rear of the base plate and probably reads "Dibro England" on two lines, although it is illegible now.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be between 1945 and 1953.

Item: 2881