Dibro (UK) #206 - Army Tank

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This model is the Dibro (UK) Army Tank in olive green plastic with friction drive and operating (firing) gun.

A two part plastic casting comprising the two halves of the tank, the model is entirely olive green with all detail cast into the body. The sides have detailed rollers to the bottom, side hatches and steps on the turret. The right hand side of the gun is marked "Dibro 206" and the left hand side is marked "England". The barrel contains a crude mechanism comprising a spring and rod which enable the "firing" of matches or similar small projectiles.

There is no interior to the model, nor is there glazing.

The base plate is incorporated into the two piece casting which is joined down the centre. It is not marked in any way.

The rear wheels are one piece, black plastic, attached to the friction drive mechanism using a metal axle. The single front wheel is a simple narrow plastic disc, mounted on a steel axle.

I do not know when this item was issued but expect it was some time in the late 1960s or 1970s.

Item: 3799