DeAgostini GAZ M21 Volga Sedan

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This model is the GAZ M21 Volga Sedan in pale green produced for an DeAgostini part-works. The model was manufactured in China.

The model has no opening parts. The headlights are clear plastic in a chrome surround while the rear lights are red plastic inserts. The grille is done in black and chrome, the front and rear bumpers are done in chrome. At the top of the grille in red is a tiny manufacturer's symbol. The number plates are white on black plastic with Russian characters. Detailing of the hood, doors, windows and trunk has been etched into the main body and complemented by the addition of a driver's side chrome mirror and a chrome hood ornament. Glazing is clear plastic. Two separate chrome windscreen wipers are attached to the hood.

The interior of the vehicle is black with a black dashboard and left hand side steering wheel. A small rear-view mirror is suspended from the top of the front windscreen.

All wheels have a cream plastic hub, chrome hub cap and separate black tyres.

The baseplate is black plastic. It has DeAgostini in the top centre on one line followed by some Russian characters on the second line and "Made in China" with more Russian characters on two lines to the lower centre and "1/43" at the centre rear. The base carries detailing to represent the gearbox, differential, exhaust system, and rear leaf springs. It is secured by two small self tapping screws.


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