De Agostini 1932 Fiat 508 Balilla

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This model is the De Agostini Fiat 508 Balilla (1932) in dark green. The casting is only identified as a De Agostini casting but it may have originally been an Eligor (Italy) casting. It originally came with a booklet about the Fiat 508 and was issued in a clear plastic display package, mounted on a black plastic display base and shrink wrapped with the booklet.

There are no opening parts on this model. All features are either cast into the metal or comprise photo-etched parts which are attached during the finishing of the model. The model has a very rudimentary windscreen wiper and interior rear view mirror in black plastic. The radiator grill and surround, the body trim, and door handles all appear to be tampo printed. The number-plates and bumpers are chromed plastic. The front lights are clear lenses inset into a chromed plastic surround that also carries the numberplate. The rear lights are represented by painted areas on the bumper and number plate.

The interior is black plastic and it has a black plastic, leftt hand drive steering wheel, mounted below a non-detailed dashboard (instrument panel). The glazing is clear plastic.

All wheels (including the two spare wheels) appear to be one piece, plastic hubs in the fashion of the hub-capped wheel of the era with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black plastic with "DeA" at the top centre, by Grani and Partners Special Edition in the centre above the simulated drive shaft, "PRC" in the centre below the driveshaft and "Fiat 508 Balilla 1932" at the centre bottom. It also carries a rudimentary representation of the gerabox, drive shaft and differential housing. It is held in place by 2 small self-tapping screws.

Issue date is circa 2008 and the scale is said to be 1/43.

Item: 1226