Creak's - Peel Collection - Police Items

The Peel Collection consists of scratch built models made by Creaks of Camberley in Police liveries. There were about 15 models made in this series, starting with designation "PC1" which was a mounted policeman on his horse.

The Alternative Collection is a range of model vehicles primarily based on the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear castings. Each model was issued as a limited edition of around 1000 and comes with a certificate of authenticity plus some information on the subject of the model. The models are usually repackaged in their original manufacturer's packaging with only the addition of an end-tab sticker denoting the item belongs to "The Alternative Collection by Creaks of Camberley".

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PC02 Rover 75 Wiltshire Constabulary, Limited Edition, 5 of 1000. This vehicle is a representation of the Police Rover 75 driven by PC George Bradley of the Wiltshire Constabulary and is accompanied by a photo of Constable Bradley and his vehicle.


PC08 Oxford City Police Ford E83W Van, Limited Edition, 105 of 1000.


AC144 Staffordshire Police Morris Cowley Van,Limited Edition, 472 of 1000. This van is a representation of the 1920s vans used to convey Police Officers around the county.

My thanks to Neil Cameron for these photos and information. Copyright on these photos remains with Neil.



 I had an old uncle who has now sadly passed away , he left a collection of about 250 matchbox cars still boxed in perfect condition, 


Amongst these cars are 40 odd creaks of camberley police cars from the allternitave collection also number one from the peel collection wich is a mounted policeman on a motor bike all boxed with all the correct labels 


To be honest the only intrest in these cars i really have is in value are they worth keeping for my sons as a little nest egg


Is there anybody who has any knowledge on best way to price these cars or price a full collection 


This must sound kind of heartless but i do not have space to keep or display this collection and would be a shame to see it damaged